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Asthma Innovation Lab

Asthma Innovation Lab

We Partner with Teens

The Asthma Innovation Lab, also referred to as the Asthma Care Invention Clinic, is located within the Teen Health Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. We create and pilot innovative ideas, care methods and self-management coaching techniques to improve care for patients with asthma. The lab is a springboard to learn more about the environmental and social challenges teens with asthma face, as well as a safe place for teens to learn about managing their asthma. To be part of the Asthma Innovation Lab, patients must have a primary provider at the Teen Health Center.

Our patients and their parents also play an important role in helping us. By partnering with them, we can:

  • Explore and create ways to help others with asthma
  • Share their knowledge and experience with asthma
  • Learn effective ways to reach out to other teens
We often ask our patients their thoughts on the projects we’re working on. To encourage our patients to participate in inventing ideas and strategies, we have created a Teen Advisory Board to get feedback in a focus group setting. Through bi-weekly meetings at Cincinnati Children’s, the advisory board has allowed teens to be major influences in decisions made in the hospital as we work to improve the effectiveness of clinical operations and communications.

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Asthma Resources

General Asthma Information - good for all patients and families 


Asthma Games - have fun while you learn 


More Detailed Information - when you want to know more 


For parents - most helpful if recently diagnosed with asthma

For more information, contact the Asthma Innovation Lab, part of the Center for Innovation in Chronic Disease Care at Cincinnati Children’s.

Visiting the Clinic

We give you details of what to expect during a clinic visit to the Asthma Innovation Lab.

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