Center for Pediatric Genomics
About CpG

About the Center for Pediatric Genomics

Our Vision

We will revolutionize research to positively transform children's lives and become a world leader in pediatric genomics.

Our Mission & Core Values

To accelerate discovery and advance genomic knowledge, CpG will:

  • engage community
  • fund innovation
  • align resources
  • foster collaboration
  • inform policy
  • value ethics
  • create central data access
  • improve children's health

The National Genomic Landscape

Leading the Way

Check the news headlines and you’re likely to encounter something about a new discovery in genetics and genomics on any given day.

In children’s health, the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) states that genetics, genomics, and epigenetics should be part of the “fabric of pediatric care delivery.” AAP is specifically concerned with the environmental influence, or epigenetics, on how genes get turned off or on in some patients, perhaps leading to common chronic health conditions including asthma, obesity, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These changes can be passed through generations, or as AAP puts it, “The genome remembers.”

On a national level, the All of Us initiative (formerly Precision Medicine Initiative) has the goal of getting one million people signed up to build one of the largest health databases in the United States. All of Us participants agree to provide health information through their electronic health records, surveys, fitness trackers, blood tests, and genomic sequencing. Cincinnati Children’s has signed an institutional agreement with All of Us to give our researchers access to this data through the All of Us Researcher Workbench. This deidentified database can only be used by recognized academic researchers with institutional approval to protect participant privacy and data security. With access to such a large cohort of health data, our researchers will be able to delve deeper into discovery to find causes, cures, prevention strategies, and treatments for a variety of common and rare childhood diseases.

As a national leader in healthcare for children, Cincinnati Children’s has long been a leader in genomics. That’s why, with these important initiatives on the national landscape, we created CpG as a central connection to all-things genomic going on within our medical center, from research to the clinic. In fact, we believe so much that genomics will fuel precision medicine and positively transform children’s lives, that we also made it an integral part of our strategic plan.