Leading the Way

Check the news headlines and you’re likely to encounter something about a new discovery in genetics and genomics on any given day.

Genomics is at the heart of the Precision Medicine Initiative that President Barack Obama announced in January 2015. Through that initiative researchers, clinicians, and patients are working together to develop care tailored to each individual. For example, since medications affect people in different ways, precision medicine would tell a doctor what the right drug and right dose is to treat a patient.

In children’s health, the American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) has added genetics, genomics, and epigenetics to its Agenda for Children, stating that it should be part of the “fabric of pediatric care delivery.” AAP is specifically concerned with the environmental influence, or epigenetics, on how genes get turned off or on in some patients, perhaps leading to common chronic health conditions including asthma, obesity, and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These changes can be passed through generations, or as AAP puts it, “The genome remembers.”

As a national leader in healthcare for children, Cincinnati Children’s has long been a leader in genomics. That’s why, with these important initiatives on the national landscape, we created CpG as a central connection to all-things genomic going on within our medical center, from research to the clinic. In fact, we believe so much that genomics will fuel precision medicine and positively transform children’s lives, that we also made it an integral part of our strategic plan.

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