Developmental Biology
Seminar, Meetings & Retreat

Seminar, Meetings and Retreat

The research foundation of the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, along with the Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program, hosts a weekly seminar series. Internationally distinguished researchers lecture on subjects ranging from structural biology to human disease.
The members of the division meet every Monday at noon to meet new members of the division and to hear about late breaking research from our new faculty and trainees.
The Endoderm Group meets every other Tuesday in the Pratt Library to discuss late breaking research on the development and diseases of endodermal organs including the lungs, liver, thyroid, pancreas, intestines and urinary tract. This group consists of about 20 faculty members and their trainees from the Divisions of Developmental Biology, Neurology, Anesthesiology and Pulmonary Biology, as well as several departments at the University of Cincinnati.
The Developmental Neurobiology Group meets every other Tuesday to discuss our latest neuroscience discoveries on the development and diseases of the nervous system. This group is comprised of over fifteen faculty and their trainees from the divisions of Developmental Biology, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology, and Experimental Hematology / Cancer Biology from Children’s Hospital as well as researches from University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Our research labs utilize a wide array of experimental models (C elegans, Drosophila, mouse, and embryonic stem cells) to address fundamental problems focused on nervous system patterning, neural circuitry, left-right asymmetry, neuronal regeneration, neuronal tumors, epilepsy, and stroke recovery.
Every year, the Division of Developmental Biology hosts the Developmental Mechanisms, Organogenesis and Stem Cells Retreat. It is a two-day retreat at the Hueston Woods Resort & Conference Center, which is on Acton Lake in the Hueston Woods state park. This retreat is attended by over 120 researchers and offers us the opportunity to hear scientific talks given by faculty as well as trainees supported by the MDB training grant. Several poster sessions are also held where students, postdocs and other research staff showcase their work and are able to informally discuss their projects with other members of the Division. Hueston Woods offers many options for non-scientific activities including hiking, mountain biking, cricket, and an opportunity for students and postdocs to take aim at the faculty on the paintball field.
Developmental Biology Research retreat.