Joining Three Crucial Disciplines

By integrating the disciplines of molecular cardiology, cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, our Heart Institute is a dynamic research and clinical program with a singular goal − making heart disease a thing of the past.

Putting Science to Practice

Our philosophy and structure allow us to more effectively and rapidly connect our research breakthroughs with the clinical practice of medicine.

Our researchers and physicians understand the value of research aimed at finding new approaches to diagnosing, treating and ultimately preventing heart disease. Our faculty consists of PhDs, MDs and MD / PhDs, many with roles in both the research and clinical worlds. They work in close collaboration and learn from one another.

Breakthrough Findings

Because of our research, we offer children − and adults − unprecedented advances in care. We are using genetic testing to identify heart disease risk early and to start preventive steps. We’re exploring the role of growth factors in the heart and how they respond to injury. We’re working to understand why some proteins cause heart problems, while others seem to protect against them. And we’re identifying the genetic basis of cardiomyopathy to treat it more effectively − or prevent it altogether.

Molecular Cardiovascular Biology

Learn more about our study of the origins of cardiovascular disease at the molecular and genetic levels, and how we apply this knowledge to the care of children.
Visit the Division of Molecular Cardiovascular Biology.