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Molecular Cardiovascular Biology

Researching the Basic Causes of Pediatric Heart Disease

The Division of Molecular Cardiovascular Biology at Cincinnati Children’s is the nation’s premiere basic science division dedicated entirely to understanding the causes of pediatric heart disease. As part of the Heart Institute, we work closely with divisions throughout Cincinnati Children’s and the University of Cincinnati to approach our research with a comprehensive perspective.

Our team, consisting of eight research labs, includes PhDs, MDs and MD/PhDs. Together, we focus on the molecular mechanisms that drive normal and abnormal heart and muscle development and function.

Our Research

Since 1995, our division has studied disease mechanisms for cardiomyopathies and other heart conditions, such as valve disease, congenital heart disease and laminopathies, as well as skeletal muscle disorders. Our research also focuses on identifying treatments for these conditions by studying heart regeneration, metabolism and regulatory proteins. Using the collection of patient samples from the Heart Institute Biorepository (HIBR), we’re able to improve research outcomes.

Our research findings continue to extend beyond the lab to the clinical side. For example, we’ve found that by reprogramming viruses, we can provide better clinical trial-based treatments for those with muscular dystrophy (MD). We’re also looking at novel mechanisms in which the heart and kidneys crosstalk with one another during disease states, further suggesting new treatment approaches.

Research By the Numbers

Within the Division of Molecular Cardiovascular Biology, we’ve been highly successful with publishing important work in first-tier journals, procuring substantial extramural support and becoming recognized authorities in our areas of cardiovascular disease-based research.

Statistics at a Glance

Research and Training

  • 50+ faculty, fellows, graduate students and postdocs
  • $9,876,703 in grant funding for FY23
  • 40+ peer-reviewed publications for FY23

Preparing the Next Generation of Heart Researchers

Along with our primary research, we work closely with the Division of Pediatric Cardiology to provide a strong research training component for the overall cardiovascular efforts of Cincinnati Children's.

We’re also preparing the next generation of leaders in our field through the Molecular and Developmental Biology Graduate Program, Immunology Graduate Program, Biomedical Informatics Graduate Program and Biomedical Research Technologies MS Program.