James M Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence
Rapid Evidence Adoption in Child Health (REACH)

Rapid Evidence Adoption to improve Child Health (REACH)

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implementation process for REACH.)
Evidence implementation process for REACH.We use a framework called rapid evidence adoption to improve child health (REACH) to quickly translate evidence into point-of-care decision making by clinicians, families and patients.

The framework includes horizon scanning, evidence synthesis, embedding evidence into practice, and measuring and spreading evidence adoption. Our goal is to close the gap between evidence generation or publication and the use of the evidence in caregiving.

Objectives and Strengths

Specific objectives include:

  • To develop and test a conceptual model for evidence identification, translation and adoption into decision-making
  • To test factors associated with rapid, reliable adoption of evidence
  • To spread the new translation process locally, nationally and internationally
  • To measure results of these objectives

Strengths within Cincinnati Children's upon which we draw to meet our objectives include:

  • Culture of inquiry and a growing institutional capacity in basic evidence evaluation skills
  • Expertise in evidence synthesis
  • Collaboration with internal experts to improve, standardize and spread evidence-based decision making
  • Nationally known leaders who provide a platform for implementing the spread of evidence translation model across the nation
  • Nationally known leaders in implementation research, quality-improvement and reliability science