James M Anderson Center for Health Systems Excellence
External Relationships

External Relationships Build Strength

Fundamental to our ability to continuously improve is our purposeful pursuit of new ideas from outside the walls of our hospital. 

Within the Anderson Center, we actively seek out links to experts within healthcare locally, nationally and internationally willing to share their experiences and learnings; we partner with organizations that share our aspirational vision for transforming care.  

Also key is looking to nontraditional sources of information that might inform our work, such as:

  • University programs developing cutting-edge research that could be applied to healthcare
  • Private companies with best-in-class safety outcomes
  • Industries and government entities known for organizing around high reliability system characteristics 
  • Individual thought leaders who help push beyond the boundaries of what is possible

These relationships allow us to grow as an organization while also fulfilling our mission of spreading our own learnings to accelerate the journey of others.

Solutions for Patient Safety


Learn more about the Children’s Hospitals’ Solutions for Patient Safety learning network, a partnership among children’s hospitals and the business community, aimed at improving the delivery of care and reducing costs.