Molecular Cardiovascular Biology
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Ikegami Research Lab

Nuclear Dynamics in Cardiovascular Biology and Disease

The Ikegami lab investigates mechanisms of gene regulation, chromosome organization, nuclear envelope functions, cardiovascular diseases, and age-associated diseases. Our current research focus is the biological functions of the nuclear envelope. The nuclear envelope encloses the genome and interacts with chromatin. Mutations to genes encoding the nuclear envelope proteins cause a spectrum of degenerative diseases collectively called “laminopathies,” primarily affecting the cardiovascular system.

We study (1) the gene regulatory functions of the nuclear envelope proteins; (2) the relationship between the nuclear envelope integrity and inflammation; and (3) the pathogenesis of cardiomyopathies and the accelerated aging disorder Hutchinson-Gilford progeria caused by nuclear lamin mutations.

Our group uses a diverse experimental and computational techniques including functional genomics, mouse cardiac pathophysiological analyses, microscopy, cell engineering, stem cell differentiation, and bioinformatics.

Our long-term goal is to understand principles governing the nuclear structure, function, and dynamics in human disease and aging.

We are currently recruiting highly motivated postdocs and graduate students.

Please contact if you are interested!

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A photo of Kohta Ikegami.

Kohta Ikegami, PhD
Assistant Professor
UC Department of Pediatrics

Member, Molecular Cardiovascular Biology
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Mailing Address:
240 Albert Sabin Way
Cincinnati, OH­­­ 45229-3039