Meet the Lab

Our lab consists of postdoctoral fellows and students, as well as lab managers and research assistants. Our postdoctoral fellows and students come from both the US and abroad, with a large European contingency. Students are from several graduate programs through the University of Cincinnati, including cancer and cell biology, molecular genetics, and molecular developmental biology. The laboratory is a particularly rich training environment, with more than 10 past postdoctoral fellows matriculating into academic research positions; many now run their own laboratories. Graduating PhD students have also gone on to top academic laboratories for postdoctoral training, as well as matriculating directly into company-based positions.

The laboratory is a rich scientific environment with some of the world’s best-trained scientists, and that, coupled with outstanding core support and institutional resources, makes our lab’s collective environment second to none.


The Molkentin Lab.
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Previous Lab Members

Federica Accornero
Mannix Auger-Messier  
Christopher Baines
Tanya Baldwin
Justin Boyer
Julian Braz
Matthew Brody
Orlando Bueno
Adam Burr
R. Nathan Correll
Yan-Shan Dai
Jennifer Davis
Leon De Windt
Petra Eder
John Elrod
Demetria Fischesser
Xing Fu
Sanje Goonasekera
Kelly Grimes
Michael Hambleton
Joerg Heineke
Rob Kaiser
Jason Karch
Onur Kanisicak
Izhak Kehat
Hadi Khalil
Stephanie Kidder
Jennifer Kwong
Qiangrong Liang
Chris (Qinghang) Liu
Ruijie Liu
Angela Lorts
Jeffrey Lynch
Marjorie Maillet
Bryan Maliken
Qinghang Meng
Doug Millay
Hiroyuki Nakayama
Toru Oka
Stephanie Parsons
Nicole Purcell
Bastiano Sanna
Tobias Schips
Jennifer Schwanekamp
Andoria Tjondrokoesoemo
Ronald Vagnozzi
Jop van Berlo
Erin Wissing
Xu Wu
Jian Xu
Allen York