Projects and Cores: Interactions The major purpose of the Research Cores is to provide essential services, techniques, and instrumentation to Center participants, enabling them to conduct their research projects more efficiently, effectively, and in a cost-sensitive manner. Each of the chosen Cores are designed to provide services to multiple research projects and multiple investigators within the Center, and to directly support the chosen areas of focus. Each Core will continually seek opportunities to improve quality, lower costs, and increase access to Center investigators. Each Core is committed to developing and extending their expertise, in order to become a local, regional, and national resource for the Nephrology community as a whole.

Gene Expression Core – Dr. S. Steven Potter (PI)

A im 1. To empower the Nephrology Center of Excellence investigators by providing access to integrated state of the art gene expression technologies with which to apply genomics methods to accelerate molecular nephrology research.

Aim 2. To educate, assist, and improve the use of global genomics approaches, infrastructure and specialized tools for the enhancement of research productivity and discovery by the Nephrology Center of Excellence investigators.

Aim 3. To develop and disseminate specialized data sets and the use of advanced analytic techniques and/or protocols to facilitate translation of research data to accelerate basic and applied research and its translation to improved clinical care.

Proteomics Core – Dr. Kenneth Greis (PI)

Aim 1. Quantitation and identification of protein changes by 2D gel-based methods

Aim 2. Quantitation and identification of protein changes by isotope tagging and nanoLC-MS/MS

Aim 3. Identification of protein biomarkers detected from biofluids in the Biomarker Core

Aim 4. Provision of dedicated and expert Biostatistical and Bioinformatic support for data analysis

Biomarker Core - Dr. Michael Bennett and Dr. Prasad Devarajan (Co-PIs)

Aim 1. To provide high throughput Clinical Biofluid Profiling Services (including initial web-based and in-person consultation, study design, sample preparation and processing, data acquisition, data analysis, protein purification, target identification, and specific assay development and validation).

Aim 2. To provide services pertaining to Biomarker measurement and validation (including design of ELISA and Western Blots, measurement of known and emerging markers of acute and chronic kidney diseases, as well as consultation for biomarker statistics and clinical trials design).

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