The pilot and feasibility studies proposed by exceptional and promising young investigators in each of these three focus areas will interact with the Research Cores to form the basis for future investigator-initiated applications.

P&F Project 1: MCP-1 and Acute Lung Injury in AKI – Dr. Rajit Basu (PI)

Aim 1. To determine the chemokine signals involved in the priming of the lung after kidney injury, priming which augments inflammation in the lung after a direct lung injury.

Aim 2. To determine the nature of matrix metalloproteinase-8 involvement in ischemic acute kidney injury.

P&F Project 2: Proteomics for Transplant-Associated TMA – Dr. Sonata Jodele (PI)

Aim 1. To determine if the putative TMA Biomarker Panel (serum alpha-2-macroglobulin, serum transferrin, urine cystatin C and urine beta-2 microglobulin) will discriminate children with TMA (thrombotic microangiopathy) from those without TMA.

Aim 2. To independently validate the putative TMA Biomarker Panel as well as urine NGAL as early markers of kidney injury in stem cell transplant patients with TMA and to determine if they can replace serum creatinine in the currently used TMA diagnostic criteria.