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The Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Center at Cincinnati Children’s conducts collaborative research aimed at tapping the full clinical potential for this advanced imaging technology. Many of our research projects focus on signal processing and presurgical functional mapping, which could lead to safer, less invasive neurosurgical procedures for patients with epilepsy.

One of our areas of focus investigates high-frequency neuromagnetic signals (HFNS) associated with electric high-frequency oscillations (HFOs, ripple or fast ripple). Our preliminary data indicate that high-frequency brain signals are a new window for functional analysis of the brain activity. In addition, high-frequency neuromagnetic signals may provide unique information about brain maturation and development. Our research is some of the first to investigate these signals in children and adolescents.

We also aim to develop new techniques to noninvasively localize seizure onset regions and ultimately avoid lengthy, costly and risky invasive intracranial recordings (or ECoG) to find the abnormal epileptic regions requiring surgical removal. From the clinical point of view, MEG can localize active areas of the brain targeted for surgical removal and provide more accurate spatial localization of functional areas of the brain that should be preserved. Our research can directly translate into safer, more reliable neurosurgery to treat children with severe epileptic seizures.


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275 MEG channels and 128 EEG electrodes. Sampling rate is up to 12 kHz per channel. Supersensitive (superconducting) magnetic detectors record the brain's spontaneous neuromagnetic signals.

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