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Pathology Research

The Division of Pathology has active research programs at the clinical and basic science level. Ongoing clinical collaborative studies involve most clinical subdivisions at Cincinnati Children’s including a wide range of clinical disorders such as eosinophilic GI disorders, motility disorders, metabolic liver diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, interstitial lung disease and muscle disorders.

The basic research in the molecular path lab focuses on a better understanding of the molecular and biologic mechanisms that contribute to the pathogenesis of developmental anomalies in childhood diseases through a morphologic understanding of the processes that regulate and promote normal development during embryogenesis.

The division also provides core morphology lab support for numerous NIH-funded projects throughout Cincinnati Children’s as well as investigators at the University of Cincinnati. During the past year the core morphology lab accessioned more than 1,000 projects, generated more than 22,000 histologic slides, 1,700 immunohistochemical stains and 400 hours of EM support for a wide range of basic research projects.

The mass spectroscopy center, under the direction of Kenneth Setchell, PhD, joined the division in 2010, adding sophisticated mass spectral analysis to the testing platform for the division’s diagnostic service as we expand the research program and research support for Cincinnati Children’s.

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Research Achievements

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