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Craig Erickson, MD, is a leading expert in Fragile X Syndrome (FXS) and the director of the Fragile X Syndrome Research and Treatment Center. His primary research focus is investigating novel approaches to the treatment of FXS. He consistently receives funding support from various sources, including FRAXA Research Foundation, The John Merck Foundation, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and Seaside Therapeutics. Dr. Erickson is particularly interested in knowing if the medication acamprosate, an mGluR5 antagonist, can improve social interaction and communication in individuals with FXS.

Use of Acamprosate in Individuals with Fragile X

Dr. Erickson began this research several years ago at Indiana University School of Medicine and has been continuing his efforts at Cincinnati Children's. Acamprosate is a FDA approved medication to treat alcoholism in adults. Animal research has shown that this medication acts as an antagonist at the mGlur5 receptor, which possibly plays a role in the FXS mutation. At Indiana University, Dr. Erickson completed and published several studies investigating this medication.

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