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Theresa Guilbert, MD, MS, is a professor and the director of the Cincinnati Children’s Asthma Center. She has over 20 years of experience in providing clinical care to children and adolescents with preschool, childhood and severe asthma and conducting clinical and epidemiologic research. Her clinical research has also utilized stakeholder input from patients, families, schools, community pediatricians, and medical providers to develop, implement, and test technology-based interventions for children with asthma, particularly in community settings.

Dr. Guilbert’s research is team-oriented and focuses on how risk factors, exposures and environment triggers can lead to early childhood wheezing and severe asthma. She also studies novel technological interventions and medications for treatment of preschool, childhood and severe asthma to understand if they are effective and safe.

The goal of our research team is to understand early triggers for childhood asthma and the best treatment approach for children with all types of asthma. Dr. Guilbert has published over 115 peer reviewed articles in well-respected journals and is the site principal investigator for several multi-center clinical trials.