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Animal Research

Animal Research Program

The Animal Research Program collaborates closely with QA staff within the Division of Veterinary Services at Cincinnati Children’s to provide regulatory / ethical oversight of all research involving vertebrate animal subjects. Facilities are primarily encompassed within the vivarium that is run by the Division of Veterinary Services. 

In collaboration with Veterinary Services staff, the primary function of this program is to ensure that all research involving animal subjects is conducted in the safest, most humane and ethical manner, with a focus on respecting the vital contribution that the animal research subjects are making to the scientific mission of Cincinnati Children’s. 

Additionally, the program supports the Cincinnati Children’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, by providing regulatory expertise to IACUC members and by assisting the IACUC in conducting their independent QA / auditing oversight of the animal facilities and animal care and use programs at Cincinnati Children’s in accordance with applicable federal, state and institutional regulations / policies as well as AAALAC accreditation standards. 

Cincinnati Children’s utilizes an electronic web-based system (ePAS-Electronic Proposal Administration System) to automate the process of submission, review, approval and ongoing oversight of all research activities. All IACUC protocol-related submissions, correspondence and approval notifications are sent through this system.   

Researchers who are not employees of Cincinnati Children’s and wish to conduct research here must first identify a Cincinnati Children’s collaborator and then obtain access to the needed Cincinnati Children’s system (including ePAS). Contact the ORCRA with questions or for additional information, including available ePAS training materials. 

Cincinnati Children’s maintains a current Animal Welfare Assurance (AWA) with the US Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare. It is A3108-01.

Additional information regarding this assurance, including the most recent renewal date, is available through the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare

For additional information regarding the Animal Research Program, contact the ORCRA and ask to speak to the ORCRA Director.



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