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Conflict of Interests

Conflict of Interests Program

ORCRA administers the Cincinnati Children’s Conflict of Interests ("COI") Program. The goal of this program is to develop and maintain centralized processes for identifying and managing external interests from Cincinnati Children’s personnel that have the potential to impact the individual’s professional or research responsibilities. 

The responsibility for review and management of these external interests is multifaceted and shared by many, beginning with the expectation that each member of the Cincinnati Children’s community will strive to conduct all of his or her responsibilities in accordance with the highest personal and ethical standards. Cincinnati Children’s maintains a philosophy of transparency and collaborative management of potential conflicts of interest.

When external interests represent actual or potential conflicts of interests, the COI Program works collaboratively with all those involved or impacted to develop a reasonable, appropriate and transparent COI management plan, which may include identifying alternate personnel or approaches to achieve critical research goals. 

Cincinnati Children’s maintains a policy covering conflicts of interests in research that is compliant with the 2011 revisions to the federal regulations. 

View the COI Policy.

Cincinnati Children’s will also provide information regarding identified Financial Conflicts of Interests for senior/key personnel that are related to National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded research projects. 

All inquiries for such information should be directed to the following:

            Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
            Attention: Office of Research Compliance and Regulatory Affairs – COI Program
            MLC 7040
            3333 Burnet Avenue
            Cincinnati, OH 45229-3039

To ensure a timely response, please include the complete address listed above, your name and contact information and the name of the individual that is the subject of your inquiry.

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