Schubert Research Clinic
Funding Opportunities

Clinical Research Feasibility Fund (CReFF) Award

The Clinical Research Feasibility Fund (CReFF) Award offers start-up funds for junior investigators utilizing Schubert Research Clinic (SRC) resources. This program is designed to support clinical research pilot studies. Applicants must be CCTST members. To join free of charge, go to the CCTST website.

The SRC Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) has established criteria for eligibility for support:

Potential recipients are eligible if:

  • They are junior faculty (based at UC, Cincinnati Children's or Cincinnati VAMC) with a rank of instructor or assistant professor.
  • They are fellows but it is anticipated they will have a faculty appointment during the course of the CReFF Award
  • Have an active SRC SAC-approved protocol OR submit one for review with their application

Potential recipients May Not be eligible if:

  • They have training grant funding (K12, K23, KL2, etc.). They must contact the Program Director, Mark Mitsnefes before applying.

Potential recipients are Not eligible if:

  • They have independent funding (R01, P01)
  • They are recipients of CHRF Trustee grants, T1, T1 Jr., Methods/Ethics, or Procter Scholar program funding

For more information about eligibility requirements, application documents, acknowledgement expectations, and more, download the Request for Applications (RFA).

Prior to Applying

Applicants are strongly advised to contact Dr. Mitsnefes prior to submitting their application and to submit their protocol to the SAC at least one month in advance of the CReFF review meeting to facilitate resolving scientific or other issues.

Please refer to the Protocol Submission guidelines or contact Christy Keller at for assistance.

The approval process for the protocol must be completed before a protocol is considered for a CReFF award.

Deadline for Submission