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Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology

Parents hope their child never has to face medical or behavioral health challenges, but if they do, experts in Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology are here to help.

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Helping Children with Medical and Behavioral Health Concerns to Improve their Outcomes and Quality of Life

When children are diagnosed with a medical condition there is usually a period of adjustment: First to the diagnosis itself and then to the treatment recommended to treat or control symptoms. Many of the most effective treatments for medical conditions are those the child and family must work on together at home, including lifestyle changes to their diet, physical therapy exercises, and taking new (and sometimes numerous) medications.

Our expert teams of pediatric psychologists work to help children, teens and their families cope with the demands of a chronic or acute condition. We can use biofeedback and relaxation techniques to help reduce pain and other physical symptoms associated with these medical conditions. We can also help families figure out how to fit treatments and medication schedules into their busy lives.

Additionally, we have expert child clinical psychologists to help when children develop significant worries/anxiety, sadness, difficulties with parent-child interactions, or peer relationship problems. We provide state-of-the-art assessment and treatment services, working in close partnership with your family to achieve positive outcomes. Parents hope their child never has to face such challenges, but when he or she does, our expert teams of child psychologists stand ready to help.

Our researchers also study the medical and behavioral conditions affecting children to develop ever-improving therapies for generations to come.

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