Fun2BFit is an exercise program for children and teens with overweight or obesity in Cincinnati and nearby areas. Participants will be able to join in 1-hour group exercise classes led by YMCA staff who make the classes fun and non-competitive. All activities are designed for the age and skill level of the enrolled participants and include:

  • Stretching
  • Heart healthy exercising
  • Strength training
  • Active group games

The goal of Fun2BFit is to reverse childhood obesity and provide programs in our communities that encourage healthy lifestyles.

How to Participate

To participate in Fun2BFit, contact a YMCA location near you. The YMCA director can give you information about Fun2BFit including class schedules and cost and financial assistance. The YMCA director will let you know if a referral from a healthcare provider is needed to join Fun2BFit.

Get Fit Now!

Participating YMCA Locations: