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College Bound after Beating Brain Cancer

Video Transcript

Mitch Stone of Cincinnati was 11 years old when he was diagnosed with a PNET or a brain tumor. The treatment was aggressive. He needed radiation followed by high doses of chemotherapy. Long stays followed in isolation at Cincinnati Children's to protect his weekend immune system. 

A bright spot in his treatment came when a radiologist at Cincinnati Children's recommended to Mitch a foundation that partners pediatric brain tumor patients with a sports team. For Mitch, it was the University of Cincinnati Football Team. The team adopted Mitch as one of their own. Their bond helped Mitch get through his tough treatments and ended in a winning season. As a result of that partnership, his family started Mitch's Mission to help cancer patients attend summer camp at Camp Joy.

Now 18, Mitch enrolled in the fall at the University of Cincinnati to study operations management. His goal is to one day work in hospital administration and continue helping patients.

(Published September 2016)