Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Center

Cincinnati Children’s is a national leader in comprehensive and multidisciplinary care for adolescents and young adults with cancer.

Research shows that adolescents and young adults with cancer and leukemia need special treatment and care. Their response to therapy and risks for side effects are different compared to older adults or small children. 

Cincinnati Children’s oncology specialists are leaders in research in adolescent and young adult cancers, and John Perentesis, MD, director of the Division of Oncology, recently was an author of the influential National Cancer Institute / Children’s Oncology Group “Blueprint” for research in these malignancies.

Our cancer program has a longstanding experience in the treatment of these patients, and has created a center specifically for adolescents and young adults for advanced oncology and stem cell transplant care.

Inside image of the Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Center.The care needs of adolescents and young adults are unique, and at Cincinnati Children's, we have created a unique inpatient and outpatient center for adolescents and young adult cancer care.

Specialized care is delivered through multidisciplinary care teams that assure the highest quality of cancer treatment, integrated with care to treat the body, mind and soul.

For our older patients, we work with adult care physicians to ensure they have the most comprehensive care possible. All aspects of your health are given attention.

Our top priority is to deliver the latest care and best outcomes.  Our nationally recognized faculty and comprehensive teams, along with our deep commitment to research, ensure that the research advances to increase cure and minimize side effects are integral parts of a patient’s care plan.  We are one of the nation’s largest centers for new pediatric and young adult anticancer drug research and stem cell transplant.  We were the first to pioneer tumor and leukemia precision medicine DNA sequencing to guide the care of our high-risk and relapsed patients.  We also have a leading program to target cancers and leukemias with immune and cellular therapies.

Adolescence and early adulthood is a time of life when things are changing fast. Our psychologists, social workers, child life specialists, chaplains, music therapists and holistic health specialists are trained to provide age-appropriate support to patients with cancer whose lives have become even more complicated.

Specially trained survivor volunteers in our peer-to-peer program reach out to newly diagnosed adolescents and young adults and talk about “tricks” of surviving inpatient stays, treatments, friends and general coping.

Care is provided in spaces created with the help of adolescents and young adult patients that were treated at the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute and Cincinnati Children’s. The patient rooms, artwork and lounge were designed with the adolescent and young adult patient in mind.

Our licensed professional educators help adolescents and young adults work toward their educational goals and maintain academic skills while receiving treatment. We collaborate with high schools and universities to obtain assignments and materials, and offer individualized lessons year-round.

John Perentesis, MD, is vice chair of the national Children’s Oncology Group (COG) Adolescent and Young Adult Steering Committee and co-author of the group's blueprint for research: Adolescent and young adult oncology. Perentesis, along with Joseph Pressey, MD, and Jennifer Mangino, MD, lead our team of experts in adolescent and young adult oncology.

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