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Meet with a Geneticist for Heart Disease

Cincinnati Children’s Cardiology Genetics Clinic

Genetic counseling and evaluation help you and your care team better understand and treat health conditions that are passed from one generation to another through your family’s genes.

At the Cincinnati Children’s Cardiology Genetics Clinic, we support anyone with a history of heart disease who needs a clinical geneticist evaluation. Identifying a genetic cause for heart disease can positively impact the care you or your child receives, leading to prevention or more personalized treatment. In the process, your care team also may find risks for other family members.

You and your child will meet with a geneticist and a genetic counselor. They will talk to you about whether having genetic testing makes sense for you or your child, help you learn more about your diagnosis and discuss treatment options.

Why Choose Cincinnati Children’s

Easy Access

Our goal is to make expert, heart-related geneticist services widely available to anyone who could benefit. At the Cardiology Genetics Clinic, we’re licensed to care for residents throughout Ohio and Kentucky. New appointments are available within two to four weeks, and there is no age requirement or limit. You don’t need to be receiving cardiac care at Cincinnati Children’s for us to see you or your child in the Cardiology Genetics Clinic.

At-Home Convenience

Some appointments are available via telehealth—taking place on a computer, smartphone or tablet. We try to limit the number of times you have to travel for an in-person appointment. Most types of genetic testing can be done remotely, without needing to visit a Cincinnati Children’s location.

Expert Collaboration

We regularly collaborate with your other healthcare teams—from primary care providers to cardiologists and beyond—whether they’re part of the Cincinnati Children’s staff or a different health system. Upon request, we share consult notes, test results and any recommended changes to your care with both you and your healthcare team. We also work with genetic testing labs at Cincinnati Children’s and across the country to ensure you have access to the most current and appropriate tests.

A Focus on Family

Since some heart conditions can run in families, we work closely with you to provide family-centered care, including written information and recommendations to share with relatives when needed. We can even see entire families at our clinic—both children and adults.

Conditions We Treat

Our primary focus is treating children with congenital heart disease or cardiomyopathy who need a visit with a clinical geneticist for evaluation. Many pediatric patients come from the cardiac intensive care unit (CICU). They may have a suspected genetic syndrome based on previous genetic testing or signs of heart disease. Or, they may need help managing their existing genetic heart condition.

Treatments and Services

Our team develops personalized plans for screening and treatment of various genetic heart conditions. Our services include:

Evaluation of Medical History

Based on your medical history, you may benefit from genetic counseling during your visit. Our genetic counselors work directly with our geneticists to collect and evaluate personal and family medical histories and review medical records, sometimes using computerized risk assessment tools. This process helps determine your risk or inform your treatment plan.

Consultations and Referrals

At our Cardiology Genetics Clinic, you’ll visit with a geneticist, who has special training in genes and inherited conditions. They may recommend additional testing or treatment or refer you to other specialists, depending on your diagnosis.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing looks for changes in your DNA that can guide us in offering you the best medical care. It can help diagnose your specific heart condition or clarify if you’re at risk for a condition running in your family. Our genetic counselors and geneticists can help determine if genetic testing is right for you, help facilitate the testing and interpret the results. We also may recommend genetic testing for a family member to provide you with more personalized care.

What to Expect at Your Cardiology Genetics Clinic Visit

Making an Appointment at the Cardiology Genetics Clinic

We want it to be easy for you and your family to get the care you need. When you contact us or are referred to our clinic, you’ll work with a coordinator. We’ll gather intake information about you, including your age and current or suspected diagnosis. These details tell us how soon you or your child need a visit and which of our team members need to be involved in your visit.

Before Your Visit to the Cardiology Genetics Clinic

Before your visit, if you were referred by another provider, we’ll collect any notes and prior test results. We’ll review the test results to decide if you need additional testing at the clinic.

On the Day of Your Visit to the Cardiology Genetics Clinic

Most clinic visits happen in person but can be telehealth visits in some cases. At your visit, you’ll meet with a geneticist and a genetic counselor. We’ll review any existing test results and discuss follow-up recommendations. We may refer you to another clinic or specialist if appropriate.

After Your Visit to the Cardiology Genetics Clinic

You’ll receive an “After Visit Summary” at the end of your visit. It will include important details about upcoming appointments, test results and what follow-up testing you need. Your primary care doctor or cardiologist also will receive this summary.

Sign up for MyChart for easy access to your After Visit Summary. You also can use MyChart to communicate with your providers about your results and any questions.


Clinical genetic testing is widely available and, for most patients, is the first step in identifying an underlying genetic cause for heart disease. Sometimes, though, clinical genetic testing can’t determine the genetic cause. When this happens, your geneticist or genetic counselor often can help find opportunities for other research-based genetic testing or research studies specific to your personal and family history and genetic testing results.