As a new patient in the Cerebral Palsy Program, your child should expect to spend about two hours with our intradisciplinary team.  Your child will be evaluated by our entire team, which will work to understand your child’s history, medical status and needs, while keeping in mind your family’s goals and desires.

A wide range of issues will be addressed, which may include spasticity management, sleep, constipation, behavior and emotional support, equipment recommendations, therapy programs, nutritional needs, school services, community resources and referrals for additional medical needs.

After the consultation, you will receive a written record of the team’s recommendations and have the chance to begin working with a coordinator who will serve as your contact for concerns or questions.

Each patient is different. Some Cerebral Palsy Program patients will be seen only once a year, but those who require additional services, care or support will have more frequent appointments.  Your child’s ongoing needs will be discussed at your visit.