Cerebral Palsy
Treatments and Services

Specialized Therapies and Clinics for Children with CP

At the Cincinnati Children’s Cerebral Palsy Program, we work with your family to provide the right therapies at the right time to make the greatest impact on your child’s health and quality of life. We provide team-based, collaborative care at every appointment. This means our experts work together with parents to identify concerns and address them in an efficient and effective way. We also can collaborate with other providers who care for your child, to ensure that treatment is well-coordinated.

No matter what challenges lie ahead, our dedicated team will help your child thrive with a customized treatment plan and specialized care.

Learn More about Our Clinics and Services

  • Our Rehab Medicine Cerebral Palsy Clinic provides comprehensive evaluations, annual checkups and treatment recommendations in an arena-style setting where patients and families see multiple providers at once.
  • Our Orthopaedic Cerebral Palsy Clinic specializes in treating children whose CP is causing challenges with muscles, joints and bones. Surgeons take time to understand each child’s needs and find the least invasive way to provide necessary treatment.
  • The Surgical Spasticity Clinic evaluates patients with challenging muscle spasticity for potential surgical treatments. The clinic offers two main surgeries for children with spasticity: selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) and baclofen pump therapy. These procedures can be very effective in reducing spasticity to help improve mobility, comfort and quality of life for children with CP.
  • The Motion Analysis Lab provides a high-tech analysis of your child’s walking ability, which helps guide treatment plans.
  • Speech-language therapists help children with CP improve their ability to communicate, swallow and eat.

Learn More About Our Therapies

Cincinnati Children’s offers wide-ranging therapies in one-on-one and group settings. These therapies are scientifically proven to help children with CP reach specific goals related to mobility, self-care, speech, physical fitness and other important areas of life. Our team will talk to you about these therapies and recommend the ones that will help your child and family the most. We will help you identify the best path forward and access the therapies your child needs in a convenient way.

  • Occupational therapists and physical therapists use evidence-based techniques and advanced technologies to help children gain new skills. Among the many services they offer are one-on-one therapies, bracing, constraint therapy, functional gait training, other task-specific and goal-directed interventions, and group wellness programs.
  • Aaron W. Perlman Center at Cincinnati Children’s provides therapy and support for children with CP, with an emphasis on early intervention, communication, group therapy for young children, and assistive technologies including augmentative communication and powered mobility.