Cerebral Palsy Program
Two-Day Mobility Surgery Evaluation

Two-Day Evaluation to Explore Your Child’s Surgical Options to Improve Mobility

For many children with cerebral palsy (CP), a major focus of treatment involves learning how to walk as well as possible and maintaining that ability for life. Surgery may seem like a big step, but it is often the best way to help your child reach their full potential.

A comprehensive, two-day surgical evaluation at Cincinnati Children’s can provide answers and help your family chart a clear path forward. During the evaluation, your child will see nationally and internationally respected CP experts from neurosurgery, orthopaedic surgery, the Motion Analysis Lab and rehabilitation medicine. These specialists will:

  • Consider your child’s specific needs from their areas of expertise
  • Discuss and coordinate their expert recommendations
  • Provide an individualized treatment plan that may include surgery

This evaluation is an excellent option for families who do not live in the Cincinnati area and don’t have access to expert CP care close to home. It is available for local families as well. We’ll schedule your child’s appointments in a well-coordinated manner. If you’re traveling to Cincinnati for the evaluation, we will assist with travel and lodging considerations. The goal is to make your visit as efficient, effective and productive as possible. Meet the evaluation coordinator.

Is the Comprehensive Surgical Evaluation Right for Your Child?

The comprehensive surgical evaluation is for children who:

  • Have cerebral palsy
  • Are 2 to 18 years old
  • Can walk, with or without assistance, but could potentially improve their walking abilities through surgery

There are many reasons you may consider bringing your child to Cincinnati Children’s for the evaluation.

  • Your child is a toddler who is not walking well or not meeting their walking milestones or goals.
  • Your child is losing some early walking skills.
  • Therapies that seemed to be helping your child’s walking abilities initially aren’t working as well anymore.
  • You’ve researched surgical options that seem promising, but your local hospitals don’t offer them.

Other Options for Children with Cerebral Palsy

The two-day mobility surgery evaluation isn’t for everyone, but Cincinnati Children’s offers other options. If you are interested in non-surgical interventions for your child, the Rehabilitation Medicine Cerebral Palsy Clinic is a great place to start. The multidisciplinary team provides a personalized treatment plan for each patient − walkers and non-walkers alike. Another option for children who are unable to walk is the Orthopaedic Cerebral Palsy Clinic. This clinic offers comprehensive evaluations for surgeries that may be able to reduce pain and improve long-term abilities.