Cerebral Palsy
Motion Analysis Lab

Motion Analysis Lab Helps Guide Care for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Walking can be a significant challenge for children with cerebral palsy. The reasons for those challenges are complex. The Motion Analysis Lab at Cincinnati Children’s uses state-of-the-art technology to pinpoint the underlying causes of your child’s walking difficulties. This technology sees what the eyes alone cannot and helps the care team personalize your child’s treatment plan.

The lab uses 12 high-speed video cameras to record your child’s walking motion. These cameras work in tandem with special plates in the floor and sensors that measure when muscles are working.

The system collects data related to:

  • Muscle and joint activity
  • Walking speed and stride length
  • How weight is distributed on each foot as your child walks

The Motion Analysis Lab team includes a biomedical engineer, kinesiologist, physical therapists and an orthopaedic surgeon. After your child’s evaluation, the team meets to discuss the test results. Then they’ll talk to you about what they learned and how it helps guide your child’s treatment plan.

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