Frequently Asked Questions

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We will send medical records to the doctor of your choice.It is Ohio law that any child who goes into child welfare custody be seen for his or her initial and comprehensive evaluations. The clinic was started so that any child going into child welfare custody will come to a centralized location and we can gather medical records. Our goal is for the children to get the best medical care possible.
No, the clinic will not replace your current primary medical doctor. We will send the doctor of your choice any records from our clinic.
No, we have all of the paperwork to complete for the county. We will fax that information to the appropriate agency. If you do have any medical records, please bring them with you.
There are two required visits: an initial evaluation and a follow-up comprehensive evaluation.
No, we will see the child only for his or her initial and follow-up comprehensive evaluations. Afterward, any well-child check or sick visits will be at the doctor’s office of your choice.
Yes, at each visit we will check to see if the child needs any immunizations and we will update them.
No payment is due for this appointment. If you have the child’s Medicaid card, bring that to the appointment.