Services & Specialties
Crawford Spine Center

Expert Care for Growing Spines

If your child has a spine injury or condition, we can help. Growing children with injuries or conditions affecting the spine need extra attention in their evaluation and care. The Crawford Spine Center at Cincinnati Children’s offers this kind of expert attention from specialists with a reputation for providing outstanding, compassionate care.

Pediatric Spine Specialists

Our orthopaedic experts are known worldwide for helping children of all ages with problems including scoliosis, spinal deformities, fractures, infections, tumors of the spine and sports-related spine injuries. Each year we:

  • Evaluate thousands of children and teens.
  • Perform more than 200 surgeries.

Many of our patients continue to be seen here as they grow into adulthood.

A Team Approach

The Crawford Spine Center is built on a team approach. We meet with experts from many different areas of the hospital. Our patients receive the best care possible when we all work together. We are known for offering advanced treatment options. Some of these were originally developed here by our own doctors.

Our treatments are based on each individual child. They include conservative, non-operative approaches such as bracing and casting. We also offer surgical reconstructive techniques including:

  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Image-guided surgery


Our program takes part in research to help us understand the best ways to treat spine problems in children worldwide. This provides your child access to the latest treatment and device. Learn more.