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Expert Scoliosis Care for Infants to Young Adults

About Scoliosis in Children

Scoliosis is an abnormal, side-to-side curve of the spine. While we can sometimes pinpoint why scoliosis occurs, its cause is often unknown. When this is the case, it is called idiopathic scoliosis. The word idiopathic means there is no known cause.

Scoliosis occurs in about 2 in every 100 children. It is most common in girls between the ages of 10 to 18. Cases of scoliosis range from mild to severe. Those with very mild scoliosis may not be aware they have it.

Types of Scoliosis

If your child is diagnosed with scoliosis, they will fall into one of these categories.

Care for each type varies based on age. Treatment differs depending on how severe the curve is and how long your child’s spine will continue to grow.

What Sets Us Apart

The Crawford Spine Center at Cincinnati Children’s is the first and only center in the region that includes scoliosis surgeons and experts from several different specialties working closely as a team. Together, your care team will evaluate, diagnose and treat your child’s scoliosis for the best possible outcome.

Here’s what sets us apart from other programs:

  • Our personal approach to care.
  • Leading-edge treatments and research.
  • A robust patient education program.
  • Reduced length of stay.
  • Lower infection rates compared with other top institutions.
  • Our expertise in treating cases of severe scoliosis.

Founded and Led by Experts

Alvin H. Crawford, MD, our center’s founder, was one of the leading innovators in the field. He developed ways to perform scoliosis surgery that are less invasive, so kids with scoliosis have quicker, less painful recoveries.

Today, Peter F. Sturm, MD, leads the Crawford Spine Center. Dr. Sturm has more than 30 years of experience in treating kids with pediatric scoliosis, kyphosis and other spine deformities. He has built a national reputation in treating children with complex spinal deformities and has a specific interest in early onset scoliosis.

Dr. Peter Sturm, director of Crawford Spine Center at Cincinnati Children's, discusses early onset scoliosis.