What to Expect

What to Expect at Your First Appointment at the Dermatology Clinic

Children should feel confident in the skin they’re in. When your child feels itchy or uncomfortable, we’re here to help. Our team of experienced and compassionate dermatology providers will get to the bottom of what’s causing your child’s symptoms. And, just as important, we’ll help them embrace exactly who they are.

Your child is the most important member of their own skin care team. We’ll explain what’s happening by using words they’ll understand. We want your child to understand their skin condition and treatment plan. We’ll share helpful advice on treating their condition, preventing symptoms, and how to best manage the symptoms if they get worse.

Learn more about what you can expect at your child’s first appointment to the Dermatology Clinic.

Making an Appointment at the Dermatology Clinic

Your child’s doctor / pediatrician will send us a referral—a call, fax, or electronic message to say they'd like us to see your child as a patient.

The Dermatology staff may reach out to you via MyChart or email to request photographs of your child's skin to help schedule them with the correct Dermatology provider.

On the Day of Your Visit to the Dermatology Clinic

Before Your Appointment

Visiting the Dermatology Clinic is easy and stress-free. Your child does not need to prepare before their visit. You may want to consider dressing them in comfortable clothes that are easy to remove for the skin check. We also ask that you bring the following to the appointment:

  • Insurance card
  • Current medications
  • Photos of your child’s skin condition (especially if it’s not active or has changed)

You will need to arrive about 30 minutes before your appointment—15 minutes to park and walk to our clinic and 15 minutes to check in at our registration desk.

Our dermatologists currently see patients at the following locations

At Your Appointment

We want to get to the bottom of what’s causing your child’s symptoms and discuss any concerns. You’ll meet with your child’s provider, which may include a nurse practitioner, physician in training or medical doctor. During the appointment, we will:

  • Gather medical and family history
  • Perform a full skin exam, carefully looking at all areas of the body, including the scalp, face, neck, trunk, arms, and legs
  • Look closely at the problem areas
  • Perform necessary tests

At the end of your visit, you should have a clear diagnosis for your child and a plan for their care. Appointments typically last about one hour, but they may be longer if your child needs additional testing.

Your child may also be eligible for participation in research or clinical trials. We will discuss these opportunities with you during your appointment. Participation is completely voluntary and does not impact the level of care your child receives.

After Your Visit to the Dermatology Clinic

You will receive an “After Visit Summary” before you leave, which includes important information about your next appointments or tests. We will also send a summary of your child’s visit to their doctor / pediatrician or referring provider. If you need a follow-up appointment, you may be eligible for an eVisit. Ask your provider for more details.

If you have any questions after your child’s appointment, please let us know. We’re here to help, contact us anytime. You can also connect with your nurse or provider through MyChart. However you reach out, we’ll work to get back to you as quickly as possible.