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Eating Disorders

Dealing with an eating disorder can be extremely challenging for children, teens and young adults and the people who love them. Research shows that early access to high-quality, comprehensive care is the best predictor of recovery. That’s what the Eating Disorders Program at Cincinnati Children’s is all about.
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Comprehensive Care for Children, Teens and Young Adults with an Eating Disorder

Our program serves young people (through age 25) with significantly unhealthy eating behaviors including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating/overeating. The program helps individuals whose disordered eating symptoms are interfering with their quality of life and those who are not progressing in treatment elsewhere.

The Eating Disorders Program at Cincinnati Children’s provides care that is comprehensive, well-coordinated and based on the latest medical research. Our team includes adolescent medicine physicians, child psychiatrists and psychologists, registered dietitians and mental health therapists. These caring professionals work together seamlessly and collaboratively to evaluate your child, identify specific needs, develop an individualized, family-centered treatment plan and provide exceptional care.

Our team empowers parents, guardians and others to help their loved one navigate the challenges of an eating disorder. We offer extensive therapies, tools, resources and encouragement along the way. And we regularly communicate with each another and you so that nothing falls between the cracks.

Scheduling an Appointment

The purpose of the first visit is for one of our physicians to perform a medical evaluation and then offer individualized treatment recommendations.

Patients need a referral to our program before they can schedule the first appointment. This referral can come from any licensed provider—a pediatrician or other primary care provider, mental health therapist, school nurse, dietitian, etc.

Learn more about making an appointment and what the first visit is like.

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Eating Disorder Misconceptions

Learn more about eating disorder misconceptions from one of our experts.
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