Eating Disorders
What to Expect

What to Expect at Your Child’s First Appointment at the Eating Disorders Program

The Eating Disorders Program cares for children, adolescents and young adults with significant malnutrition or other symptoms of unhealthy eating that are interfering with their quality of life, including patients who have not progressed in treatment elsewhere. Our goal is to empower parents to help their child understand their eating behaviors and develop new, healthier feelings about food.

During your child’s first visit, a medical doctor will provide a comprehensive evaluation and make recommendations for treatment that best fit your family’s goals.

Making an Appointment with the Eating Disorders Program

Before scheduling your child’s first appointment, we need a referral. This referral can come from any licensed provider—your child’s pediatrician, mental health therapist, school nurse, dietitian, etc.

After receiving the referral, a nurse care manager will call you to do a brief intake assessment. She will talk to you about your child’s medical history and the behaviors and symptoms that are causing concern. She will also reach out to your child’s primary care physician for your child’s growth chart, pertinent medical records and recent lab test results.

This conversation and the information we receive from your child’s referring provider help us determine whether our program may be a good fit for your child’s needs.

Preparing for Your Visit

The nurse care manager will let you know if you need to bring anything from home to your child’s appointment.

On the Day of Your Visit

Before Your Appointment

When arriving for an outpatient visit, we ask that you arrive in our office 15 minutes before your appointment. Please leave plenty of time to park and walk to our office.

At Your Appointment

During your child’s first visit, they will meet some members of our care team, including nurses and an adolescent medicine physician specializing in eating disorders. The visit will include a physical exam and questions about your child’s medical history and relationship with food. We work to get to know your child and your family so we can provide the support you need.

If you are a young adult, we welcome you to bring your parent(s) or significant other to the appointment. However, you can also be seen alone if you prefer.

Our team always takes time to address concerns and questions. They will develop a treatment plan that is right for your family. The treatment plan may include the following:

  • Medical treatment for the complications of weight loss or purging
  • Family therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • One-on-one appointments with a dietitian
  • Personalized meal plans
  • Medicines to help with depression or anxiety
  • Inpatient hospital care

After Your Visit to the Eating Disorders Program

You will receive an “After Visit Summary” document before you leave the office. It includes essential information about the next steps, including any upcoming appointments.

The nurse care manager is available to answer questions. You can contact her by calling 513-636-9657.