Environmental Health and Lead Poisoning
What to Expect

What to Expect at Your First Appointment at the Environmental Health and Lead Clinic

Viruses and germs are supposed to make kids sick—not the water they drink, air they breathe, the grass they play on or the paint on the walls of their home. The reality is that sometimes where your child lives can impact their health. Lead in paint or water pipes, mold or moisture in the home, and pollution in the air or ground can make kids sick. Learning your child has been exposed to a harmful substance can make you feel overwhelmed and even frustrated.

Our team at the Environmental Health and Lead Clinic can help. We’re a group of specialized providers who work closely with public health officials, researchers and your child’s medical team to get to the bottom of what’s causing your child’s illness or symptoms. Then, we’ll create a plan of action that helps reduce exposure for your child (and entire family) and recommend treatment that will help your child feel better.

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Making an Appointment at the Environmental Health and Lead Clinic

Your child’s pediatrician or specialty provider can refer them to our clinic. You are also welcome to call us directly, but we may ask your child’s primary care provider to put in a referral. We’ll give you instructions on how to talk with your child’s pediatrician.

To schedule an appointment, contact us.

On the Day of Your Visit to the Environmental Health and Lead Clinic

Before Your Appointment

We want your appointment to be as simple and stress-free as possible. You may receive a call from one of our nurses before your child’s appointment to gather more information about your child’s health. We may also ask you to provide test results from other providers. We’ll walk you through the steps to request that information and send it to us.

Our team can also help connect you with any resources or support if you need help getting to the appointment.

Please plan on arriving at our clinic a few minutes early. Keep in mind that parking and walking to our clinic locations may take five to 10 minutes. We ask that you call our department if you are running late.

At Your Appointment

You and your child will meet with a registered nurse, physician or advance practice provider. You may also see a social worker, registered dietitian or medical resident or student, depending on your child’s care plan and needs.

During your first appointment, we’ll get to know you and your child and discuss a few different topics, such as:

  • Environmental factors (such as lead or other chemicals) your child may have been exposed to
  • Symptoms or illnesses your child is experiencing
  • A plan to address your child’s symptoms and reduce (or eliminate) their exposure to harmful substances.

We understand that any doctor’s visit can be a little scary for children. Our team will make sure your child feels comfortable during the physical exam and any tests or labs that need to be completed.

This first visit can take up to one to one and a half hours.

After Your Visit to the Environmental Health and Lead Clinic

You will receive an After Visit Summary before you leave, which includes important information about upcoming appointments and your child’s treatment plan. You may also be referred to other specialists, such as a pulmonologist (lung doctor) to help treat asthma or a developmental specialist if there are concerns about the long-term effects of lead poisoning on your child. We typically see children back in our clinic anywhere from one month to six months after their first appointment.

Sometimes, we will need to wait for your child’s test results to come back before finalizing a treatment plan. Our nurses will call your family within a week after your appointment with test results and an updated plan, if necessary.

Most importantly, we’re here to advocate for you even after your visit. We work with public health officials in your community and connect you with resources that can help pay for repairs and the removal of harmful toxins.

We’re here to help you and your child however we can. You are welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns you have between your child’s appointment. You can also send a message in MyChart.