Interdisciplinary Feeding Team
What to Expect

Preparing for Your Visit

Once the physician referral for the Interdisciplinary Feeding Team (IFT) evaluation has been received, you may be contacted to do an initial patient assessment over the phone by a nurse or nurse practitioner.

An interdisciplinary feeding team informational packet will be sent to you by the IFT referral management coordinator. The packet contains additional information regarding the feeding team clinic visit, a map of Cincinnati Children’s, and instructions to follow if insurance authorization is needed before your clinic visit.

Before your appointment with the Interdisciplinary Feeding Team at Cincinnati Children’s, request that your primary physician send background medical records for your child, including:

  • Previous testing
  • Procedures
  • Therapy reports
  • Growth charts
  • Communication from office visits

This information can be mailed, or faxed to the Interdisciplinary Feeding Team Referral Management Coordinator at 513-636-2575.

Please bring the following items with you to your appointment:

  • Copy of insurance card(s)
  • If applicable, foods / drinks your child likes and as well as examples of a food that is a challenge for your child
  • Usual utensils, cups, bottles

You and your child will visit the Interdisciplinary Feeding Team in the Multipractice Clinic (Location C) for an evaluation at our Burnet Campus. At your appointment, team members will meet with you to evaluate the problems your child is experiencing.

You can expect your appointment to range from two to three hours. Please bring books or toys that your child enjoys to help occupy her during this time.

The team members will:

  • Review your child’s medical and feeding history
  • Evaluate your child’s nutritional status, growth and current feedings
  • Evaluate your child’s positioning and postural control during feeding
  • Evaluate your child’s overall oral-motor skills, specifically those related to feeding during a feeding assessment
  • Discuss your child’s developmental history
  • Screen for medical problems related to the feeding disorder

After assessing your child, the Interdisciplinary Feeding Team will develop specific recommendations and plan to best meet your child’s needs.

After your appointment, we will send a full written report summarizing the evaluation to you, your child’s primary physician and to others you may designate.

Follow-up evaluation appointments to re-assess your child’s progress and to modify the treatment plan will be made as necessary.

Contact and Referral Information

Contact us.
We welcome any questions you may have. A physician may refer a patient to the Interdisciplinary Feeding Team. Contact / Refer