Interdisciplinary Feeding Team
Conditions and Treatments

Feeding-Related Conditions and Treatments

Problems with feeding and swallowing may occur because of certain medical conditions or physical problems that span the scope of several specialty services. Our team coordinates care to address the signs and symptoms of feeding disorders, including:

  • Limited or poor oral intake
  • Food refusal
  • Slow or inadequate weight gain
  • Problems tolerating tube feedings, gagging or retching associated with tube feeding
  • Suspected or known problems with airway protection and swallowing (aspiration); coughing, choking or gagging with intake
  • Sensory problems (reacts emotionally or aggressively to touch)
  • Lack of appetite
  • Oral motor or chewing difficulty
  • Oral sensitivity
  • “Picky” eaters
  • Fear or anxiety related to eating

Health Information

The Interdisciplinary Feeding Team at Cincinnati Children's offers online pediatric health information about conditions, diagnoses, home care, tests and procedures associated with feeding conditions.