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The Road to Function and Recovery for Your Child

If your child has an injury, physical challenge or developmental disability, it’s important they receive well-coordinated, compassionate care that can help them build the strength and flexibility to make their daily activities easier. Our team of specialty-trained occupational and physical therapy experts gives your child personalized care based on cutting-edge treatments and the latest research. This helps us ensure your child has the best possible outcomes.

By coordinating with your child’s doctors, we create therapy plans that are both age and developmentally appropriate. As the largest provider of outpatient care in the hospital, we offer a variety of specialty clinics and can treat children with almost any diagnosis. We are dedicated to giving your child the right treatment with the right provider with the right equipment at the right time. Whatever your child’s needs, we’re here to help.

Why Choose Us

Specialty-trained experts: Our vast team of occupational therapists and physical therapists is specifically trained to focus on pediatric needs. Nearly all have advanced degrees or specialty certifications. With this knowledge, we can create a therapy plan that targets your child’s individual needs.

Cutting-edge treatments: The therapy we provide is deeply rooted in the latest scientific research. Using this knowledge, we design treatment plans best suited to improve outcomes and abilities. You can feel confident that your child is receiving the most up-to-date care available.

Collaboration with specialists: Our providers work with every department and division in the hospital. We have existing relationships with doctors in every care group, including community pediatricians, so we are well positioned to create your child’s treatment plan with their input. These valuable relationships with referring physicians allow us to provide seamless, comprehensive care.

Patient Family Experience: Our staff is dedicated giving you and your child the best experience possible. We are known for our high level of service and are dedicated to providing you with the same quality of care.

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