Research suggests that children with physical disabilities engage in levels of physical activity that are approximately 30% lower than national fitness guidelines. They also spend double the amount of time in sedentary behavior relative to typically developing peers. The implications of not moving are serious. The long-term effects of decreased physical activity and increased sedentary behavior include metabolic dysfunction, cardiovascular disease and poor bone density. These poor activity patterns have been associated with a cascade of serious health implications for children with movement disorders, including reduced life expectancy.

The Division of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy is committed to the ongoing health and wellness of the children we serve beyond just the therapy environment. We have recognized a need for program expansion in the area of Health and Wellness and have teamed up with community partners and the Association of Volunteers for the Convalescent Hospital to offer our “be.well program”. We believe that regardless of ability, children can increase activity and participation and avoid the harmful effects of sedentary behavior and have fun in the city where they live.

Current program offerings include: be.well run, be.well bike, be.well breathe, be.well sport club, be.well ballet, and be.well aquatics.

If you have interest in our Wellness Programs, call 513-636-2146 or email

Volunteers: We rely on volunteers to help us deliver safe, fun programs. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer for any of our be.well experiences, please email with your name and contact information. Thank you!

Download a program brochure or click on a program below for more information.