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Children with physical disabilities engage in levels of physical activity that are approximately 30% lower than what is recommended in national guidelines. They also report sedentary lifestyle rates that are nearly 4.5 times lower than typically developing peers. Physically inactive kids are likely to have lower test scores, are more likely to engage in risky behaviors like drug use, are less likely to go college, and report lower earnings as adults. Not moving enough leads to high health costs and has many serious health implications, including risk for heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes, obesity and ultimately, shorter life expectancy."

In response, the Division of Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy has worked to develop be.well, a community-based wellness service line for children with chronic or complex medical needs. The be.well service line is intended to generate opportunities for sport and recreation, regardless of ability. All be.well programs are guided by physical and occupational therapists, administered by local community partners, and supported by philanthropic agencies including the Cincinnati Parks Foundation, the Association of Volunteers, the Convalescent Hospital for Children Fund, and PNC. Collectively, we believe that our city is full of places to play and are are committed to creating opportunities to be active in it. We are keeping kids healthy together.

Currently, be.well programs include both single event “try it” days and multi-week series. Collectively, nearly two dozen opportunities are offered annually. Program details are shared through email communications. To receive these announcements, please text the characters “bewell” to the number 66866.

Registration link for all currently open programs.

A preview of the 2023 season can be found below.


  • Series: yoga
  • Try-It Days: snow skiing , rock climbing


  • Series: groove (a dance program), hiking
  • Try-It Days: soccer, fencing, golf, rock climbing


  • Series: gardening, green gym (strength training) (green gym), pickleball, martial arts, swimming, biking
  • Try-It Days: track and field, tennis, rock climbing, kayaking, tennis, water skiing


  • Series: move (a 5K training program)
  • Try-It Days: hand-cycling, wheelchair basketball, rock climbing

Questions? Please contact the be.well team at otpt.be.well@cchmc.org.

Volunteer Opportunities

Many participants require supervision or physical assistance in order to engage in be.well programming. The be.well service line is led by community partners and guided by therapists, but our volunteer network plays an equally important role in the safe delivery of our programs.

If you have interest in supporting be.well through active volunteerism and/or are hoping to satisfy service learning obligations, subscribe to our volunteer registry.

Requests for volunteers are sent via email announcement to subscribers, as needs arise.


All be.well programs are offered free of charge. A charitable gift can help to fill a roster spot on a team or provide the adaptive equipment necessary for active participation. Gifts of all sizes are important and your support allows us to continue this important service, while removing the barrier of cost. If you are interested in financially supporting be.well, contact development@cchmc.org.