Amniotic Band Syndrome / ABS is a group of congenital abnormalities caused by bands of amnion (inner lining of the "bag of waters") that attach to the fetus.

Abnormalities result from attachment or constriction that lead to webbing of fingers and / or toes, amputation of limbs, severe defects of the head and face, spine, umbilical cord and / or body wall.

The term amniotic band syndrome / ABS encompasses many congenital anomalies, including:

  • Amniotic band disruption complex
  • Amniochorionic mesoblastic fibrous strings
  • Aberrant tissue bands
  • Amniotic deformity
  • Adhesions and mutilations (ADAM complex)
  • Amniotic adhesion malformation syndrome
  • The limb and / or body wall defect