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Since our founding in 1996, the Headache Center has seen over 15,000 children, adolescents and young adults with headaches. Our multidisciplinary clinic combines the knowledge and experience of neurologists who are board certified in Headache Medicine, child psychologists, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, social worker and medical assistants to diagnose, treat and educate children, adolescents, and young adults with headache disorders. The Headache Center is based within the Division of Neurology and Division of Behavioral Medicine and Clinical Psychology and is affiliated with the University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine. Our multidisciplinary approach has proven to be highly effective, not only in the standard methods of measuring outcome, but also in using tools developed and validated at Cincinnati Children’s to characterize disability and quality of life.

During each clinic visit, a standardized diagnostic approach is followed that incorporates the International Classification of Headache Disorders, a detailed questionnaire about the child’s headache, and a thorough pediatric neurological, physical and headache examination. Treatment strategies include acute therapy for individual headache episodes, daily therapy for preventing headache episodes, and psychological intervention including teaching children biofeedback-assisted relaxation techniques, skills to improve coping with headache, and lifestyle adjustments.

Cutting-Edge Research

The Headache Center was designed to develop and expand research into childhood headache disorders by examining new treatment options, improving characterization of childhood headache and response patterns, and understanding the genetic pathophysiology of childhood headaches. Multiple studies and publications have been developed including one of the few NIH-sponsored studies in headache examining genomic expression patterns, as well as an NIH-sponsored study on treatment of chronic daily headache with combined pharmacologic and behavioral treatment, and the largest multi-site study sponsored by the NIH examining the comparative effectiveness of preventive medication in childhood and adolescent migraine (CHAMP Study).

Education is a key component with the Headache Center, which established the first pediatric fellowship for the study of childhood headaches in the country and was the first pediatric headache fellowship certified by the United Council of Neurologic Subspecialties.

Jenna spent years battling migraines. She came to the Headache Center at Cincinnati Children's and has drastically reduced the frequency of migraines.
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