The Heart Transplant Program provides children with untreatable heart disease a chance to meet two basic needs:

  • To be an active, participating member of a family and community; and
  • To grow and develop, both emotionally and physically, with as little limitation as possible from heart disease.

The members of the heart transplant team are committed to providing care to your child and family at every point in the transplant process. Our services and team members strive to support, respect, encourage, and build comfort and strengthen your family. Priority is given to promoting your child and family's patterns of living at home and in the community.

Communication is important between the transplant team and you and your child to ensure the best quality care. You and your child will work together with the members of the heart transplant team before, during, and after transplant to:

  • Identify the expectations of transplantation;
  • Identify the barriers of transplantation; and
  • Identify the resources to overcome the barriers of transplantation.

Detailed Heart Transplant Information

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