Cincinnati Children’s provides comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for children and young adults with hemophilia and other rare factor deficiencies. Our team of physicians, nurses and other health professionals has extensive experience in caring for patients with mild, moderate and severe forms of the disease. Our focus is on treating the whole person, not just the hemophilia.

The Hemophilia Treatment Center within the Cancer and Blood Diseases Institute at Cincinnati Children’s offers:

  • Coordinated care from multiple specialists
  • A weekly Comprehensive Care Clinic
  • An on-call hematologist for 24 / 7 emergency care
  • Emergency Departments that are fully equipped with hemophilia medication (at our Burnet Campus and Liberty Campus)
  • An extensive patient education program
  • A high-quality Home Treatment Program
  • Immunizations and well-baby care for infants with severe hemophilia
  • Specialized, on-site laboratory services

Holistic Support

The Hemophilia Treatment Center offers extensive support for children and families. For example, our social workers play an important role by providing information about community resources. Our nurses provide extensive education for patients and families, including information about growth and development, factor replacement therapy and other topics.

Our Hemophilia Treatment Center participates in many national and international research studies, and physicians on the team develop their own research protocols. The center can provide patients with early access to new therapies that are not widely available.

Sophisticated Genetic Testing and Counseling

Genetic counselors from the Hemophilia Treatment Center at Cincinnati Children’s provide a number of services for families dealing with hemophilia, including:

  • Genetic counseling
  • Genetic tests, such as gene mutation analysis, carrier testing and prenatal testing
  • Information about hemophilia-related resources
  • Updates about developments in the field of genetics of hemophilia

Genetic counselors typically meet with families during their first visit to the Comprehensive Hemophilia Clinic, then on an annual basis or as needed.