For Healthcare Professionals

The Hereditary Cancer Program team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center provides a variety of resources for referring physicians. Use the following links to contact us for information, consultation and referrals.

Referral Guidelines

The Hereditary Cancer Program at Cincinnati Children’s provides guidelines on whom to refer for a cancer risk assessment. Contact the genetic counselors of the Hereditary Cancer Program with any questions at 513-636-4760.

Download a PDF of the Criteria for Referral  

The following are features that suggest hereditary cancer (from

  • Unusually early age of cancer onset (e.g., premenopausal breast cancer)
  • Multiple primary cancers in a single individual (e.g., colorectal and endometrial cancer)
  • Bilateral cancer in paired organs or multifocal disease (e.g., bilateral breast cancer or multifocal renal cancer)
  • Clustering of the same type of cancer in close relatives (mother, daughter, and sisters with breast cancer)
  • Cancers occurring in multiple generations of a family (i.e., autosomal dominant inheritance)
  • Occurrence of rare tumors (e.g., retinoblastoma, adrenocortical carcinoma, granulosa cell tumor of the ovary, ocular melanoma, or duodenal cancer)
  • Unusual presentation of cancer (e.g., male breast cancer)
  • Uncommon tumor histology (e.g., medullary thyroid carcinoma)
  • Rare cancers associated with birth defects (e.g., Wilms tumor and genitourinary abnormalities).
  • Geographic or ethnic populations known to be at high risk of hereditary cancers. Genetic testing candidates may be identified based solely on ethnicity when a strong founder effect is present in a given population (e.g., Ashkenazi heritage and BRCA1 / BRCA2 mutations).

Refer a Patient

The Hereditary Cancer Program at Cincinnati Children’s provides guidelines on how to refer a patient to our program.

You or your patient may call 513-636-4760,  option 1, to schedule an appointment.

Or, a referral form may be faxed to 513-803-1111, and the patient will be contacted to schedule an appointment.

Download a Fax Referral Form  

Appointments are available at the main Cincinnati Children’s location on Burnet Avenue as well as at Cincinnati Children’s Fairfield and the Cincinnati Children’s Liberty Campus. Appointments are also available at select contracted centers in Greater Cincinnati.

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