The Hospital Medicine Adult Care Service provides consultative care for adults with congenital or complex healthcare needs admitted for specialized care at Cincinnati Children's.

Our service is designed to assist subspecialty, surgical and general pediatric services with the management of common adult medical issues for their patients over the age of 18. Services are provided by specialized physicians that are trained and board certified in both pediatrics and internal medicine. These physicians also provide care for pediatric inpatients at Cincinnati Children's and adult inpatients at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Our services include:

  • Medical consultation for adult patients on any subspecialty, surgical, or general pediatric service
  • Assistance with transition to adult subspecialty and primary care providers
  • Development of evidence-based care protocols for adults at Cincinnati Children's and provision of oversight for adult patients during daily institutional safety huddles

Patient and Family-Centered Care

We deliver evidenced-based medicine in a patient and family-centered environment. Our hospitalists in the Hospital Medicine Adult Care Service believe that patients and their families are best served by fully involving them in the medical decision process. As a patient or family, you will be included every step of the way as we:

  • Conduct rounds in patient rooms
  • Have open discussions with patients, families and primary teams
  • Promote shared decision making among patients, families and care providers, ensuring our adult patients are partners in the care we provide at Cincinnati Children's


Our team provides the following services:

  • Medical consultation for adult patients on any subspecialty, surgical, or general pediatric services
  • Medical co-management for certain patients on the above mentioned services  

Admission Process

Hospital Medicine Adult Care Service is primarily a consulting / co-management service. Ask your or your family member's primary admitting physician if you think you or your family member would benefit from a Hospital Medicine adult care consult.