Human Genetics
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Contact the Division of Human Genetics

For more information, contact the Division of Human Genetics at Cincinnati Children’s:

Clinical Services: 513-636-4760

Genetics and Genomics Diagnostic Laboratory: 513-636-4474

Education and Training: 513-636-4760

Research: 513-636-4760

To Schedule an Appointment

Geneticists and genetic counselors are available to see patients for an outpatient consultation. If you would like to request evaluation for a patient, fax a referral to 513-636-7297. Patients or physicians can also call 513-636-4760, option 1, to request an appointment time.

Hospital Consultations

Geneticists are available to see hospitalized babies and children who have suspected birth defects, genetic disorders or metabolic diseases. Referrals for diagnosis and management can be made 24 hours daily. To request a consult for an inpatient, call 513-636-4760.


The Human Genetics Division administrative offices are on the main campus of Cincinnati Children’s, Location E, fifth floor.

Patients are seen in a variety of locations:

  • Burnet Campus
  • Liberty Campus

Hereditary Cancer Services are also available at:

Cincinnati Children's3333 Burnet Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio  45229