International Adoption Center
Pre-Adoption Consultation

Comprehensive Consultations For International and Domestic Adoptions

The International Adoption Center provides comprehensive pre-adoption consultations for both international and domestic adoptions.

International Adoptions

During your international pre-adoption consultation, we will:

  • Help you determine what country and age might be the best fit for your family
  • Work with you to identify what special needs to consider
  • Evaluate the referral information
  • Provide country-specific travel advice that can be used in consultation with your healthcare provider or refer you to the International Travel Clinic
  • Provide prescriptions for your adopted child
  • Provide 24/7 access to medical and emotional support while abroad

Domestic Adoptions

During your domestic pre-adoption consultation, we will:

  • Analyze pre-natal records
  • Review medical / social history of birth family
  • Consult with obstetrician and pediatrician

Comprehensive pre-adoption consultations for both international and domestic adoptions.

Supporting Your Journey

The International Adoption Center will provide expertise and support throughout your adoption journey.

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