International Adoption Center
Post-Adoption Consultation

Post-Adoption Consultations For Your Child's Medical and Mental Health

The International Adoption Center provides comprehensive post-adoption consultations in order to evaluate your child's medical and mental health.

Medical and Developmental Assessments

Initial Evaluation

During your initial evaluation, you will be seen by our infectious disease doctor, our occupational therapist and our mental health therapist. The evaluation will include:

  • A comprehensive medical exam and nutritional assessment
  • A developmental assessment
  • A transitional and behavioral evaluation
  • Initial immunization(s)
  • Screening for infectious diseases
  • Baseline laboratory tests, including immunology antibodies
  • Referrals to other subspecialties

One-Month Follow-Up

  • Review test results from initial visit
  • Discuss immunization recommendations and provide immunizations as needed
  • Review current medical, developmental and adjustment-related issues

Six-Month Follow-Up

  • Follow-up medical evaluation
  • Developmental assessment
  • Address transitional and behavioral issues
  • Review and provide immunizations as needed
  • Add laboratory testing as needed

We are always here for you and your child. If you have concerns after your six-month follow-up, do not hesitate to call and set up an appointment.

Mental Health Services and Educational Testing

We have highly qualified licensed mental health specialists to provide emotional and psychological support, testing and therapy to adopted children and their families; as part of a comprehensive healthcare center, we can readily call on experts across disciplines.

Areas of Focus

  • Adjustment and attachment issues
  • Trauma
  • Executive functioning skills

Access Across Disciplines

The International Adoption Center will provide expertise and support throughout your adoption journey.

Providing Expert Care

The International Adoption Center will provide expertise and support throughout your adoption journey.

Contact Us

For general inquiries, contact the International Adoption Center at 513-636-2877.