The Division of Infectious Diseases at Cincinnati Children’s provides consultation on the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic pediatric infectious diseases. Whether you’re concerned about prenatal infections, such as toxoplasmosis, or want to better manage recurrent infections that affect your child’s quality of life, our team of clinicians and researchers can help.

We offer comprehensive evaluation for potential immunodeficiency syndromes such as humoral, cell-mediated and combined immunodeficiency states. And the research and clinical microbiology laboratories within Cincinnati Children’s offer both routine and special diagnostic studies for bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

Our faculty direct an infection control program that conducts surveillance for infectious diseases diagnosed within the hospital. The program works with local, regional and national programs to track and report infectious diseases.

Faculty also provide outpatient consultation to parents of internationally adopted children, both before and after adoption. The International Adoption Center offers a range of consultative expertise including social workers, education specialists and psychologists.

In addition to providing outpatient consultation upon referral from community physicians, we work with hospitalized children who require long-term management of antibiotics to manage infection after discharge with Outpatient Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT).