The Cincinnati Children’s Perinatal Outreach Program (CCPOP) provides professional education and consultative services to perinatal care providers in the region.  Evidence-based and risk-appropriate perinatal care for women and their infants is promoted through regional activities with the goal of reducing perinatal mortality and morbidity.  

CCPOP supports maternity and newborn hospitals, local health departments and other community perinatal service providers.

Improving perinatal health is the primary goal of CCPOP, and the group has five strategies to achieve that goal:

  1. Educate providers of perinatal care on topics relevant to care delivery and public health
  2. Develop hospital and community integrated health care delivery programs to optimize systems of perinatal care
  3. Identify and ameliorate preventable morbidity and mortality through data, evidence-based medicine, public health & community collaborations
  4. Monitor healthcare delivery trends and alert regional health professionals to emerging issues
  5. Facilitate multidisciplinary communication and collaboration among hospitals, providers, public health groups and community agencies